At DivyaJyot School, we take pride in offering a holistic education that goes beyond academics. Our students have a multitude of opportunities to realize their full potential, be it in the realm of creativity, intellectual pursuits, or athleticism. Our approach emphasizes comprehensive programs and stimulating classes.

Learning Beyond Boundaries:

We believe in education that transcends the classroom. To achieve this, we organize regular field trips, excursions, visits, and heritage walks that enrich our students’ understanding of the world. Sports training and physical education are integral components of our curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded development. Our orientation programs, workshops, and interactive sessions play a pivotal role in knowledge impartation.

Workshops, Orientations, Counseling, and Seminars:

At DivyaJyot School, workshops, orientation programs, counseling sessions, career counseling initiatives, interactive sessions, and alumni talks are seamlessly integrated into the senior-level curriculum. These events are conducted at various points during the semester, providing students with valuable insights and guidance.

Olympiads & Physical Activity:

DivyaJyot School actively encourages student participation in Olympiads and various competitions to identify and support students with exceptional skills, aiding them in their journey to excellence.

Tailored Programmes:

Our offerings extend to tailored programs such as the Public Speaking Certified Course, designed to enhance public speaking skills. We also teach visual-based programming from Class 1, fostering early IT literacy. Additionally, our Reading/Library Program promotes the joy of reading.

Community Outreach Programmes:

At DivyaJyot School, we instill a sense of social responsibility in our students through community outreach programs. These off-campus initiatives help students understand the local community and provide valuable learning experience
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