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As a CBSE Affiliated School Admission Process at DivyaJyot School has 2 steps

Interaction with Parents and child
Admission test once Admission is confirmed from Class 3 upwards
Born on or before June 1st 2021
Born on or before June 1st 2020
Jr. KG
Born on or before June 1st 2019
Sr. KG
Born on or before June 1st 2018
Standard 1
As per the revised GR for Gujarat dated 13th Feb, 2020 regarding amendment in Right of the Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2012.
We are affiliated till Higher Secondary Section [Nursery to Class 12th ]. We offer all streams in class 12th i.e. Science, Commerce, and Humanities.
Yes, DivyaJyot School provides a Transportation facility to the students. Mode of Transport is decided on the number of students coming from a particular Route. But ultimately the main concern behind transportation mode is that it should be safe and comfortable for the students.

But however, we do allow Parent drop and pick up facility as well.
As an English medium School affiliated with CBSE DivyaJyot believes in holistic development in students. We encourage them to develop their co-curricular skills and exhibit their interests and abilities. The students of Class 1 upwards are divided into 4 Houses. Among these Houses, children have inter-house activities, competitions, fun, games and sports. This enables them to exercise their skills, knowledge and leadership skills.
Being a CBSE School the School Timing is of 6 hrs duration with 2 Breaks

Class 1 to 10 – 8:00 AM to 2:10 PM

Divya Jyot also has its own pre-school section. Pre-school duration is of 3 hours 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM
As an English medium School affiliated with CBSE DivyaJyot believes in holistic development in students. We encourage them to develop their co-curricular skills and their exhibit their interests and abilities.

The activities done in our school are Art & Craft, Dance, Music (Instrument & Vocal) Karate, Skating, Chess, Carom, Kho-kho. Kabaddi, Various Traditional Games, Basketball, Volleyball and a lot more.

We celebrate all major festivals where children participate in various competitions like drawing, essay writing, elocution and debate.

We also let children experience cooking through non-fire cooking activities.
For class 1 to 4 students learn English, Hindi & Gujarati (oral) (written and oral), while they learn Sanskrit orally.

For class 5 to 7 English, Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit.

From class 8 onwards, students select any two languages from Hindi, Gujarati & Sanskrit. English remains the first language.

Students in Class 10 can select any one subject from Hindi, Gujarati & Sanskrit as a Second Language for board examination
Once you reach the School Reception you will be guided accordingly/Right now we are here to help you with all the answers you need to know.
Divya Jyot is a CBSE Affiliated English medium School. Our Affiliation No is 430364
Being a CBSE school the application submitted for admission the following are checked: Age criteria, Student’s Last Year Report Card and Activities they are interested in. As per CBSE curriculum we look into all round development of a child and try to boost their extracurricular skills along with academics
As a CBSE Affiliated School Admission Process at Divya Jyot School has 2 steps

1. Interaction with Parents and child

2. Admission test from Class 3 upwards
Divya Jyot School is offering Science, commerce and Humanities stream from 2020 -2021 for students.
As a CBSE Affiliated English medium School our Fee Structure is as per CBSE Guidelines.
Our Fee Structure includes Academic Fee, Co- curricular Activity Charges and Planned Educational Trip Charges
Apart School Fee charges involved for Books, Stationeries and Uniform.
Divya Jyot School has a very well knit transportation facility. We offer transportation for students from a distance of 10kms radius.
Our transportation fee is charged on distance between School and the pickup / drop point. For Odd locations or very interior locations, charges may be higher.
According to CBSE Guidelines the maximum students’ strength of a Class is 35 to 40 for Primary and Secondary Classes.

For Pre primary kids (i.e.Jr.KG& Sr.KG) the students-teacher ratio is 25 students with one teacher and for Nursery kids it is 15 students with one teacher.
Yes, Divya Jyot School do have Sibling Policy for its students.

Siblings are given Rs.2500/- as a rebate
As per the CBSE Guidelines and norms the Admission Policy includes a minimum amount as Registration Fee which is taken only when a parent confirms admission of their child.The Registration Fee is however Non-Refundable.
All are teachers are from different cultural backgrounds and expert in their own subjects. As required by CBSE guide line all our teachers are qualified and experienced.
Normally, for pre primary the fields trips are conducted every month. For Primary and higher classes they are scheduled as per the need of the subject / interest of students / current affair or event in the city. Normally for Primary and Secondary, five to six flied trips a year are scheduled in a year.
Such trips give practical knowledge. Children learn how to share care and explore environment closely with their team mates. This kind of learning is not possible in four walls of classes. It opens their and these type of trips help them to settle and adjust according to the environment.
We give enough remedial practice and extra classes to bring the child at par with his classmates.
If your child is participating any state or national level competition school supports as per their individual needs.
We do not offer any additional coaching from school for JEE/NEET.
1. We offer Sibling policy and special scholarship programme for deserving students.
2. We organized field trips and conduct subject week celebrations.
3. During this corona pandemic situation we have done virtual evaluation which includes listening, speaking, reading , writing skill along with summer homework,
4. Our teachers focus on individual development by giving personal attention which create special bond with teacher.
5. Our classes are mix of academics and activities and academics being our priority, our activities add fun to learning.
We are proud to announce that our first batch of 10th STD posted 100% result this year.
Books and uniform can be purchased from vendors outside of school. For midyear admissions, parents can get a set from school as well.
Our evaluations are stress free , with no pressure on the child. Keeping in mind the current situation, evaluation is done in Oral, MCQ & Project Based parameters.
Join our Growing Team: If any parent, who is in the education field and would like to apply for the post of teacher in our school, we invite you to send in your RESUME at

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