Every parent would want to give their child the best education possible. At Divya Jyot, that is exactly what we give… the best education! This blog aims at helping you understand why CBSE is better and how we are one of the top CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.
The first question every parent must ask is what kind of education they would want for the child. Approach to education varies depending on the educational board one selects. While many prefer to type ‘CBSE Schools near me’ in order to find what is available and convenient, what you must really do is be specific while searching so that


Best Cbse School In Bopal Ahmedabad

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is considered the national board of the country. This board is divided into 3 levels which are primary, secondary, and senior secondary. CBSE is considered to be extremely student-friendly, and the syllabus as well is quite interesting. Therefore, choosing a nationalized institution like the CBSE board has its own set of advantages and merits.
Many parents seem to be preferring CBSE boards in India for their child’s education. CBSE board has always been more about teaching relevant concepts rather than wasting time on facts that have no use. One way to understand it is that the students don’t have to understand the year Newton was born or where his birth took place, but more stress is given to what he gave to the world and what his theories are all about.

Top 5 CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad

Students in CBSE schools are able to perform better because they happen to properly understand the subjects they are being taught. As CBSE schools are more inclined towards stressing on the latter, students that tend to study under the CBSE board happen to be better educated and more learned than their counterparts who have studied in other boards. This is why CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad are better as they tend to get rid of the unnecessary facts and tend to focus on what the students really need to know.
Furthermore, CBSE boards all across the nation have the same course. Unlike State boards, whose courses differ from state to state, a CBSE School in Chandigarh will have the same course as a CBSE school in Mangalore. This is specifically beneficial when students need to transfer with their families to a different city or state. At such times, no child feels left out in a new school and therefore CBSE boards are always a better option.
In addition, all the competitive exams like NEET and JEE base their questions on the NCERT syllabus which means National Council of Educational Research and Training. One can also notice that most of the IAS and IPS officers belong to the CBSE board.
Lastly, even when it comes to the course, it is more application-based where students are motivated to reason logically. The CBSE course also pushes students to refer to other material and read other books apart from textbooks.
In this manner, CBSE has always been more student-centric and it also aims at making education interesting and enriching. Now that you have been briefed about how advantageous the CBSE board can be, you know what is best for your child and their future. Divya Jyot School provides the best teaching experience and every child that learns from here shall have a brighter future. If you happen to live in Ahmedabad, then Divya Jyot School is considered to be the Top CBSE School in Ahmedabad. Moreover, if you happen to be located in the Bopal area, then we are also the best choice when it comes to CBSE Schools in Bopal, Ahmedabad.
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