CBSE Affiliation No. : #430367



As students grow and enter the formal education system, we begin with a structured way of learning with caring, freedom, and fun elements. The Mother Teacher Concept is followed in Standards 1st & 2nd .
From Standard 3 upwards, experienced subject teachers teach students English, Math, Science, Environmental Science, Hindi, and Gujarati in fun & interactive way.
Primary School comprises Classes 1 to 5. Here, the main emphasis is on the all round development of the child. Fundamental skills of reading writing and mathematics are provided thus establishing a solid foundation for learning. The academic, social and behavioral aspect takes center stage.
The children are encouraged to explore and discover things on their own through various hands-on activities. This develops the child’s observation skills, teamwork and creativity. The spirit of sharing and fair play is also encouraged.
Children are introduced to Computer Studies from class One onwards..They are also introduced to the study of Hindi as a second language from Class One.

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