The start determines the end. And a CBSE preschool is that head start in the right direction for a fruitful future for every child. The first and the most important thing that a preschool does is that it teaches children to be learners and it boosts their creativity and curiosity. A CBSE preschool primarily focuses on developing social, cognitive and motor skills in a child which provides them an all-round growth. Through games and activities children become responsible and start taking care of each other.
The preschool environment introduces them to a structured and organised life with limited rules. Children become sharp and attentive. But it mainly prepares them for the upcoming grade, i.e. kindergarten.


The universally accepted age for a child to go to a preschool is 2.5 years. However, there is a lot of confusion amongst parents regarding the correct age to send their child to a preschool. Some of them think starting early is good, whereas on the other side there are parents who think children should spend at least 3-4 years at home with them. Well, the answer for the perfect age to go to a preschool is 3 years. A child is generally ready by then to attend a preschool emotionally, mentally and physically.
However, there are a few things that you can consider which will help you with the decision. First, his readiness to stick to a routine and spend time apart. Second, capable of doing basic things on his own and third, whether he can communicate well. He has to be able to talk to a teacher or someone at preschool.


Amongst a wide range of factors the most important reasons of Divya Jyot being the best preschool in Shilaj are mentioned below :


The deciding factor of a good school, especially a preschool, are its teachers and staff. They are the ones with whom your children are going to spend a significant amount of time. After you, i.e. parents, children will look up to them as role models and behave accordingly. A teacher that will always smile at kids, will teach children to smile whenever they meet someone. At Divya Jyot, there are qualified, skillful and experienced teachers and staff members. Different children come with different mindsets, which means different sets of challenges for teachers. These challenges are tackled efficiently and effortlessly by all our teachers by paying attention to each and every child.


Divya Jyot is the best cbse school in Ahmedabad for its continuous effort to raise children that are developed in all aspects concerned. We focus on academic as well personal growth. There are new games and activities introduced constantly for comprehensive growth of a child. A child cannot be either good at academics or good at sports, he has to be decently good at both of them. Mainly, he/she should have interest in both of them. This is what we look to cultivate in children at Divya Jyot, an interest to try out everything and become exceptional at them with practice and discipline.


One of the major concerning aspects for every parent while sending their child to preschool is how safe and hygienic it is. Children are prone to diseases and unhygienic surroundings can lead them to falling ill. Preschool is the first time parents send their kids away from home, away from them.
With Divya Jyot your child is completely safe and there is no reason to worry about hygiene. All the chairs/benches and other furniture items are designed with soft edges so that it doesn’t lead to any scratch or injury to toddlers. The toys at our preschool as well are designed keeping various things in mind, like size, washable, unbreakable etc. Also the teachers are always on toes to ensure kids safety. As far as hygiene is concerned, our classrooms and all the items are cleaned daily with Dettol ensuring kids don’t get bacterial infections. Hence, our child is in safe hands at Divya Jyot – preschool in shilaj ahmedabad.
So, for an impeccable growth of your child and a promising future, contact us now at our email id or our contact number and get your child enrolled at the best preschool in Ahmedabad.
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