“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” Divya Jyot school illuminates a prosperous future for your child. Your school has the most significant amount of contribution in what you are today as a person. Good education opens doors to ideas for you and shapes you into the best version of yourself. But a good school directs these ideas and teaches you how to perfectly execute them. Divya Jyot – a CBSE school in shilaj thrives on introducing children to the world of education and igniting fire in them to learn. At Divya Jyot your child’s:

Creativity is Unlocked

Divya Jyot highly focuses on modern and creative education by adopting contemporary methods that are easy and engaging. We present their creative sides to them and develop it with the help of games, activities and competitions. Providing exposure to unique aspects about things enhances their imagination and helps them visualise greater things. Encouraging them to for once think about taking the road less travelled by.


One of the major responsibilities of a good school in our eyes is inculcating morals and values in children and uplifting them. We are aware of the fact that every child we teach is tomorrow going to be a citizen of the nation and a part of the outer world. Hence, it is necessary to teach them to be kind towards others and themselves. We do this through sports, team events and fictional and non-fictional stories. To do good and cause no harm in any possible scenario and always value ethics and morals more than anything. We are probably the only cbse school in shilaj ahmedabad that prioritises this.


Growth must know no boundaries. Divya Jyot is a CBSE affiliated school focusing on striking the right balance between academics and co-curricular activities aiming for practical growth of the child as well. We believe in raising children who are good at everything and encouraging them to keep on practising the same. There are various inter-class, inter-school, inter-state and national and international competitions organised and participated in by Divya Jyot’s students and have had exceptional results.


The successful Alumni of Divya Jyot in their respective fields speak in volumes about how Divya Jyot actively contributes to creating a strong foundation for a concrete and fulfilling future. Starting from primary education to secondary education with the availability of all streams we continuously guide children in the right direction. Our teachers understand the field of their interests and help them outshine in their respective fields.


Every child is different, and every child has a different set of goals and desires. And Divya Jyot School Shilaj values them. We love a class of dreamers, a class of unique achievers, a class of diversified goals. It excites us to fuel them appropriately and help children to find the best route to their dreams. Major ambitions of a child die during schooling as they become more practical but we constantly make sure no dream or goal of a child is sacrificed. This is done by introducing them to the practicality of their dreams well in advance rather than the practicality of life. This helps them envision their dreams in a better way and finally decide what they truly like and a plan to achieve the same.
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