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Preschools are a developing environment for children to learn and explore in their early years. Toddlers need to get out and interact with other children in a safe environment guided by professionals, where they can learn to co-exist and attain knowledge with the help of basic activities. Preschools encourage and develop teamwork in children and help them learn the basics of collective contribution to a given target. This implants the seeds of co-existence and adjusting behaviour in the students.
Preschools enable the children to be socially active and experience friendship in a safe and guarded environment where the parents don’t have to worry about bad influences on their child.
Early interaction with other children is important and contributes to confidence and removes the sense of hesitation and social awkwardness amongst children. Preschool is the first experience of your child away from you into the outer world.
As parents, you always tend to provide your child with the best and choose the best option or resource available for their lifestyle. When the question comes to your mind,” Which is the best preschool near me” Divya Jyot School is the answer. If you are looking for a school where you want your child to explore, learn and evolve in the first learning experience of their life with flying colours, you have accurately traced your path towards the perfect school.

Top Preschool of Ahmedabad

We at Divya Jyot school pay extra attention to the needs of children. Our expert teachers are well trained to be patient, careful and polite towards the students to guide them efficiently in attaining knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to be well balanced between playing and teaching. The gross motor skills of children are also subjected to development during physical activities. The development of kids is very swift at a young age. The blend of physical and mental development we focus on in our learning programs is efficient, thanks to the research and professional training given to every faculty and helper on the campus.
Individual attention is important to the child’s growth, and we emphasize giving time and nature specific guidance to each. Every child is one of the reasons why our trained children tend to excel in the higher classes. The foundation of fundamentals like friendship, teamwork and contribution are focused upon. Divya Jyot is a prestigious CBSE school in Bopal Ahmedabad that is excelling and working wonders in training the future of our nation.

Junior Kg Admission 2021 22 Ahmedabad

We have opened our gates for the new Junior Kg Admissions 2021 22 in Ahmedabad and around. Get a start to your child’s educational journey with the best in the city and watch your ward excel at Divya Jyot School.

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