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5 Ways Your Child Learns Sharing at Preschool in Ahmedabad

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5 Ways Your Child Learns Sharing at Preschool

Sharing toys, taking turns, and building friendships – these are all important cornerstones of a happy and fulfilling childhood. At Divya Jyot, we understand that the concept of sharing goes beyond just handing over a toy. It’s about empathy, cooperation, and building a foundation for strong social skills.

Living in Ahmedabad as a parent searching on Google for a Preschool near me, or even a preschool in Ahmedabad, you might wonder how a preschool environment fosters sharing in young children. 

Here at Divya Jyot, we take a multi-pronged approach, creating a nurturing space where your child can blossom into a kind and considerate individual.

1. Playful Learning

Preschool is a time of exploration and discovery, and what better way to learn than through play? At Divya Jyot, we incorporate collaborative games and activities into our curriculum. This could involve building block towers together, taking turns on the slide, or participating in a group sing-along.

Through these playful interactions, children develop a natural understanding of sharing. They learn that taking turns is fun, and everyone gets a chance to enjoy the activity. They discover the joy of building something together, a joy that’s greater than playing alone.

2. Role-modeling and Positive Reinforcement

Children are natural mimics, constantly observing and learning from the adults around them. Our teachers at Divya Jyot understand this. They serve as role models, sharing materials with each other, taking turns leading activities, and resolving conflicts peacefully. This sets a positive example for our young learners, subtly teaching them the power of sharing and cooperation.

Positive reinforcement also plays a crucial role. When children share a toy or take turns, we acknowledge and celebrate their behavior. A simple “Wow, that was so kind of you to share your blocks with Sarah!” or “Look how much fun you’re both having taking turns on the swing!” goes a long way in encouraging them to continue sharing.

3. Open Communication

Sharing can sometimes lead to disagreements. A child might not want to give up their favorite toy, or there might be a conflict over whose turn it is. At Divya Jyot, the Best Preschool in Ahmedabad we create a safe space for open communication. Our teachers encourage children to express their feelings verbally. They guide them through conversations, helping them find solutions through compromise and understanding.

For instance, if a child doesn’t want to share a toy, a teacher might ask, “Why don’t you want to share this car with Maya?” The child might reply, “Because I’m playing with it!” The teacher can then introduce the concept of taking turns, suggesting a timer or setting a specific playtime for each child. This open communication helps children learn to express themselves and navigate social situations constructively.

4. Empathy and Consideration

Sharing is more than just dividing things up. It’s about understanding that others have feelings and needs too. At Divya Jyot, the best kindergarten school we weave empathy and consideration into our daily activities. We read stories about sharing, have class discussions about taking turns, and encourage children to think about how their actions might affect others.

Through these experiences, children develop a sense of empathy. They start to understand that sharing isn’t just about giving something away; it’s about making someone else happy. This builds strong social bonds and fosters a sense of community within the Best Preschool In Bopal Ahmedabad.

5. Celebrating Differences

At Divya Jyot, we believe in celebrating diversity and inclusion. Our preschool environment reflects the vibrant tapestry of Ahmedabad, with children from different backgrounds coming together. This creates a unique opportunity to learn about sharing in a broader sense.

Children learn to share not just toys and materials, but also ideas, cultures, and traditions. They discover that everyone has something unique to offer, and sharing these differences enriches the learning experience for everyone.


At Divya Jyot Preschool, we are committed to nurturing the social and emotional well-being of every child. We believe that sharing is a fundamental life skill that forms the basis for strong friendships and positive social interactions. Through our play-based learning, positive reinforcement, open communication, and focus on empathy, we create an environment where sharing becomes a natural and joyful experience.

Ready to Start Your Child’s Sharing Journey?

If you’re looking for the Best Preschool In Bopal Ahmedabad or a preschool near me, then look no further than Divya Jyot. We invite you to visit our school, meet our dedicated teachers, and see firsthand how we nurture young minds and hearts.

Admissions Open for Preschool in Ahmedabad!

Reach out today to schedule a visit and learn more about our admissions process. 


What are the age criteria for admission to Divya Jyot School?

Answer: Divya Jyot School accepts children from the age of 2.5 years for preschool. For higher grades, the age criteria are aligned with standard educational guidelines.

How does Divya Jyot School ensure the safety of children?

Answer: Safety is a top priority at Divya Jyot School. The campus is equipped with CCTV surveillance, secured entry and exit points, and a strict pick-up and drop-off policy. Staff members are trained in first aid and emergency response.

How does the school communicate with parents?

Answer: Regular communication is maintained through parent-teacher meetings, monthly newsletters, and a dedicated parent portal. The school also uses emails and SMS for urgent updates.

Is there a school bus facility available?

Answer: Yes, Divya Jyot School provides a safe and reliable school bus service covering various routes across Ahmedabad. The buses are equipped with GPS tracking and a caretaker.

How can I apply for my child’s admission?

Answer: Parents can apply for admission by visiting the school office, filling out the admission form, and submitting the required documents. The school also offers an online admission process for convenience.

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