4 Ways to Boost Curiosity in Kids

Curiosity is a mind in search of knowledge. A curious child will have millions of questions and look to find answers to them. It develops a habit in them to learn and grow in each aspect of life. They develop an eye for new and unique things. And as famously said, ‘The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.’
Children are often referred to as ‘Question Boxes’ or ‘Inquisitive Minds’ but as they grow, this nature of theirs fades with time. As parents, it is your responsibility to include activities in their daily routine which will regularly fuel their curious minds. Activities that will keep up their urge to ask questions.
It will eventually lead to a child’s widened horizon and limitless growth.
Here are a few activities that will do wonders in igniting curiosity in kids:

1. Reading stories to children.

Try to spare at least one or half an hour every day at your convenience to read stories to your children. Often, fictional stories are read to children which may at times not seem relatable to kids. So, try to share real-life or real-world-inspired stories and incidents from your personal life in the form of stories as well. Kids will learn morals, values, and even solutions to many problems that they may face in the near future. It will expose them to the world and its being. Their imagination and visualization will grow by leaps and bounds, leading to an inquisitive and curious mind.

2. Motivate them to fearlessly ask questions.

Children are born to be inquisitive and will have a series of questions lined up as soon as they see something new. But, as time passes by, some parents or peers get irritated by these constant questions and ignore them. This discourages them from asking questions and crumbles their curiosity. Better, answer every question that they ask, whether it is logical or illogical. Build their mindset to put forward their questions without any fear of judgement and encourage them to pose every little thought in front of you.

3. Play word games with them.

The right set of games can help children with curiosity tremendously. It will increase their language proficiency, enhance their vocabulary and thinking capacity and give birth to a competitive spirit as well. With every word they encounter, there will be a set of questions that instantly pop up in their mind and ultimately help them learn more in a fun manner.

4. Go outdoors with them.

For any question, thought, or idea, the most basic and important thing is observation. The more your child will see the world around him, how people behave, and how things unfold. Observing the tiniest detail in surroundings will lead to doubts and thoughts in mind. This, in turn, will transform them into keen observers and they will go on to clear all the doubts and thoughts by gathering answers from here and there, from you. We at Divya Jyot School, inculcate a wide range of such activities in our teachings for the efficient growth of children. We look to practically plant concepts in a child’s mind, resulting in better gasping and relatability. Concepts like pollution, green environment, or endangered species are put forth practically and after giving them sufficient information, are all ears for their thinking, observations, and questions making us the best cbse school in Ahmedabad.
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