CBSE Affiliation No. : #430367



Sports and physical education provide a great opportunity to develop patience, discipline perseverance and teamwork and instil confidence in young growing students.
At Divya Jyot we facilitate age appropriate indoor and outdoor games like skating, basketball, football, chess, carom etc. to bring out sportsmanship qualities in our students.


Skating increases the balancing skills and helps give a recreational activity to students . Skating is ideally learnt at a tender age and hence it is introduced from the lower classes. Skating is one of the most efficient way of exercising and it increases balancing skills . A child can easily learn other activities like ice skating and skiing once the basic skill of balancing on skates is achieved.

Divya Jyot School has a specialized Skating arena where children master the fun-filled sport under the guidance of an experienced coach. The courtyard is equipped with support bars to ensure safety.


Karate strengthen muscles and endurance, while improving flexibility, balance, agility and coordination. With better mental and physical health, students will lead a happier, well-rounded life.

Martial arts promote a healthy lifestyle, with this in mind Divya Jyot School offers Karate class to its students under the guidance of an experienced coach.


Basketball teaches you about being a good team player and can be a great social sport. Divya Jyot offers a fantastic basketball court to its students to practice and play this sport.

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