CBSE Affiliation No. : #430367



Parents are the backbone of our institution. A parent and a teacher are the most fundamental parts of a child’s journey. They celebrate their greatest achievement and are the first to get affected when their children are sad. A parent lays trust in the school, teachers and staff for their kids’ growth and in exchange only demands honesty from them. They want to be informed about their child’s performance in terms of social, emotional, and physical being.

At Divya Jyot School, we strongly believe in parents’ instrumental involvement in their own child’s learning as well the entire class. Things that they point out, and drawbacks that they notice will help all other students and the school. On the other hand, when they appreciate students or other good processes at school, altogether will motivate the school and classmates to try even harder. This all contributes to creating a positive environment at the school.

As one of the best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad with primary to secondary sections, we regard crystal clear communication with parents as the highest. This communication does not only mean annual parent-teacher meetings, a report card of their child’s performance, or important notices being conveyed. We tend to take them through our teaching methodology, processes, the child’s everyday growth, his/her subject of interest, ways to enhance students’ skills, etc. And, we have been fortunate to have parents that value our initiatives, ensuring students’ excellence. They have been highly supportive of all kinds of co-curricular activities from music to sports, dance, arts, etc, and participation in competitions and events.
We are thankful for all the parent’s invaluable contributions and belief in us.

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