CBSE Affiliation No. : #430367



Dr. Eva Bhagat
Our honest efforts and parents’ invaluable trust, together lead to empowering children with excellence and educational development of every child and the nation.
At Divya Jyot School, we believe in the holistic development of children. The purpose of education is not just focused on academics but also to develop responsible citizens with good value systems and principles. We prioritise children’s emotional, social and physical growth and sharpen their personal and interpersonal skills in a friendly and feel-good environment.
Highly skilled teachers work with sheer passion, dedication, and compassion to bring the best out of children and shape a bright future for them. We strike the right balance between classical and contemporary methods of teaching and look toward creating the perfect learning experience for children.
As an individual, I strongly believe in the power of co-curricular activities like music, dance, arts, sports, etc, and their impact on the development of children. These activities help kids fall in love with learning as well as give different dimensions to their personalities. Through these activities, many students find their calling and we inspire them to fulfil their challenging journeys by drawing a roadmap to their destination.
Parents are a crucial part of a child’s academic and personal journey. They help them take the toughest of decisions and support them to achieve their wildest dreams. Hence, as a school, it is our responsibility to ensure crystal clear communication with parents and let them know about their child’s interests, progress, goals, and thinking. To eradicate confusion or problems from a student’s life, we try to ensure clarity between parents, teachers, and administration, so that the child’s growth is not hindered.
At Divya Jyot, a CBSE School in Ahmedabad we transform children into a world where they only grow bigger and better in all aspects. We look forward to improving for good and overcoming our drawbacks, whatever there are to give great exposure to our students. Because we know the potential of our children and how big they can dream and attain. How significant our teachers, management, and staff can tirelessly put in to spread the light of education and empower lakhs of little minds.

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