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The learning potential of children is powerful at tender ages. We often don’t bother educating children about basic life principles and ideologies at an early age. But if these principles are taught interactively and positively between the ages of 3-10, they get rooted in the child’s personality for good.
A child’s brain can absorb information at a breakneck speed compared to that of an adult. Here is a list of a few things which you can teach your child and lead them towards a positive and productive teenage which will eventually translate into a better life. These practices are a part of the teaching routine at the Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad.


A child must learn the value of working in a team. Some parameters of a particular task are the expertise of an individual. If individuals with different expertise work on a project, the project or task is a huge success. Hence working together is one of the most important things to teach your child before 10.


Discipline is the key to a successful life. Discipline is a weighty word as a child, but it can be implemented in a child’s life without them knowing. Steps must be taken at an early age to make them understand the value of time in a systematic manner. Imposing an extremely rigid schedule is not discipline. The child must understand the need to follow time and habits and not just follow them under pressure.


Being honest takes you places! Honesty is an essential quality of life and should be rooted deeply in a child’s personality. Don’t allow the child to escape with lies. Call them out and make them understand that it is not right to lie. At the same time, a parent must also understand the reason behind the child’s lies and adopt changes to their own life accordingly.


Everyone loves a patient child. Children do tend to act out of order in public. It often happens when the parents ignore them. The learning curve for parents is equally tricky, and the parents must also understand to give the children the attention they are seeking. This would contribute to the lessons you give them about patience and connect with the child.

Basic Communication Skills

When to talk, waiting for your turn to speak, politeness and a subtle tone are a few aspects of essential communication that you should teach your children about. The process of having a productive conversation and effective communication lies on the basics mentioned above. If the child adapts to these basics at an early age, the learning potential of the child increases, all thanks to effective communication. If you are looking out for a Pre-Primary CBSE School in Ahmedabad where your child can get these habits incorporated in their lifestyle then Divya Jyot School is the Best CBSE School for it. The best CBSE School in Bopal Ahmedabad, allows your child to learn and grow as an individual. Choose Divya Jyot and start your child’s educational journey in the best learning environment.

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