5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Childhood is one of the most memorable phases of our lives. Life can be divided into two parts, i.e. joy, carefreeness, and happiness during childhood and responsibilities, work, etc after childhood i.e. adulthood. But what is important to know is that our adult versions are nothing but an evolution of our childhood versions. However, what is common in both these versions are the qualities, morals, and beliefs we grow up with during childhood.
In India, we mention a word innumerable times called ‘sanskar’ and have lately narrowed its meaning. But the actual meaning of it is to convey to people, especially parents, to raise their kids in the right manner. And it does not only mean respecting elderly people, being kind, etc but also raising children that are confident about whatever they believe in or stand for.
As parents, you can play a significant role in boosting your child’s confidence. Keep in mind the following points:

1) Set an example by personifying confidence.

Your kids look up to you as their heroes and inspiration. And as we say that your child is only a reflection of you. So, if there are qualities that you want your child to possess, first you need to have them. Or in case you don’t like something about them then you need to look into yourself and change that habit of yours. If you look confident and optimistic while facing all kinds of situations, your child will learn the same from you.

2) Encourage them to try new things & teach them that Failing is natural.

Diving into something that fears you will be a mammoth of a task. Confidence is all about fighting fear. You need to appreciate your child’s mistakes and not scold them for that, instead teach them kindly that failure is a part of the game. But the fear of failing, shall not stop them from trying new things, which will not only boost their confidence but also explore more. Raise children with a never giving up attitude. And put it in their minds that your love is unconditional and whether they win or lose, you will be a constant support to them.

3) Define goals & celebrate once they accomplish them.

Knowing where you want to reach is important to start your journey confidently. Help your kids by setting goals, big and small. Divya Jyot is the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad for this very reason. To raise good children you need to think from their point of view and become children. When there are goals set in front of them, and as they achieve them they feel strong and develop a habit of pursuing ambitions with confidence. Also, while they put out their dreams, help them on how to practically approach and achieve them, by breaking them down into stages and skills they need to conquer.
And as they finally accomplish their goals, don’t miss out on celebrating with them. Appreciation is the fuel to achieve greater things for all of us. Thus, their actions need to be celebrated which will boost their confidence.

4) Involve them in family tasks.

Your child feels capable and confident when he is asked to help with the family chores. Helping the younger one with her homework, collecting his/her toys, going to the market to buy a grocery item, and lending a helping hand to the mother while guests have arrived. The child learns social skills, as well as feels confident and valued.

5) Address your kids with their names.

We never realise it, but children feel great importance when they are called by their names. Their name, accompanied by friendly eye contact does wonders to their confidence. They think that they have an identity and it carries value. All our teachers at Divya Jyot – a CBSE school in Shilaj address children with their names coupled with smiling faces and encourage students to practise the same with their peers.
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