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7 Amazing Facts about Why We Celebrate Dussehra

7 Amazing Facts about Why We Celebrate Dussehra

Dussehra, a vibrant and significant Indian festival, is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Divya Jyot School, the best CBSE school in Shilaj, Ahmedabad. This festival, also known as Vijayadashami, marks the triumph of good over evil and has a rich historical and cultural significance. So, let us delve into seven amazing facts that explain why we celebrate Dussehra.

1. Victory of Lord Rama

Dussehra is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. This epic battle symbolises the triumph of righteousness over evil. At Divya Jyot School, we emphasise the importance of moral values and ethics, making Dussehra a perfect occasion to reinforce these principles through activities like skit competitions, dance, etc.

2. Goddess Durga's Victory

In many parts of India, Dussehra coincides with the end of Navaratri, a nine-night festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. Her victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura signifies the power of femininity and the removal of obstacles.

3. The Ramlila

Dussehra celebrations often include Ramlila performances, where scenes from the Ramayana are enacted. At Divya Jyot School, these cultural performances help students understand and appreciate their rich heritage. It’s a creative way to teach history and moral lessons.

4. Burning of Effigies

One of the most distinctive traditions of Dussehra is the burning of effigies of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhakarna. This ritual symbolises the destruction of evil forces.

5. The Importance of Truth and Honesty

Lord Rama’s adherence to truth and his unwavering commitment to dharma (duty) serve as powerful lessons for our students. We stress the significance of truth, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of life.

6. Cultural Diversity

Dussehra is celebrated differently in various parts of India. At Divya Jyot School, we encourage our students to embrace and respect the diversity of our country. They learn about the various customs and traditions associated with the festival.

7. Social Responsibility:

Dussehra also emphasises the importance of social responsibility. Students at Divya Jyot School are taught to help those in need, just as Lord Rama sought the support of Hanuman and the Vanara Sena. This fosters a sense of empathy and compassion among our students.
In conclusion, Dussehra is not just a festival, it’s a reflection of our culture, values, and traditions. At Divya Jyot School, the best CBSE school in Bopal, Ahmedabad, we use this festival as an opportunity to instil important life lessons and moral values in our students. As we celebrate Dussehra, we remember the significance of good triumphing over evil and hope that these teachings will guide our students toward a bright and ethical future.

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