Choose Wisely, Choose Divya Jyot School

A decision that will decide your child’s academic, social, and emotional growth, a decision that will decide your child’s future, i.e. choosing a school for your child. Thus, it becomes a crucial decision for a parent to pick the right school amongst the top CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for a prosperous future for their children.
Choosing Divya Jyot will turn your child’s fortunes and life around. We emphasise all-around growth and making children capable to face any adversity and shine like a star always. Mentioned below are the points that will provide you with reasons for the same:

1) CBSE affiliated school

CBSE board of studying is highly accepted and recognised all over the nation and world. Children studying in a CBSE board school will be able to compete with students from any part of the world. Various benefits of this particular board include a student-friendly approach, emphasis on co-curricular activities, ensuring all-round growth, syllabus that helps in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, etc. and even studying abroad. Thus, by choosing Divya Jyot your child’s future will be safe and secure.

2) Experienced & skilled teachers

The backbone of any school is its teachers and staff. They make significant contributions to a school and a child’s growth and success. Divya Jyot is blessed with highly experienced and talented teachers and staff who pay attention to every single child and help them overcome their weaknesses and sharpen their strengths. Our teachers prioritise integrative learning with an engaging approach, which helps students apply theoretical knowledge to daily life practices and remember things easily.

3) Modern infrastructure and excellent amenities

School is a child’s second home and we believe this statement. Thus, we keep on working to ensure that children feel like home at school and love to come to school. Our lush green campus boosts freshness in kids and makes them feel like heaven. Thought-provoking corridors, ventilated classrooms, different playgrounds, studios for art, music, and dance, labs, auditoriums, and amphitheatres all contribute to smoothing and making their learning journey more exciting.

4) Transparent communication

We understand the fact that children are the closest to their parents and there is nothing in the world as precious to them. And thus, the basic and only thing a parent demands is crystal clear communication about their child’s whereabouts, events in the school, performance, and growth from the teachers and management staff. At Divya Jyot, the Best CBSE school in Ahmedabad, we ensure that every detail of the child is conveyed to their parents and open our books completely in front of them.

5) Affordable fees

One great reason to choose Divya Jyot is the availability of quality education at affordable fees, which is quite rare these days. As education providers, we consider it to be our duty to make quality education accessible to all. Thus, look towards empowering students with fine quality education alongside brilliant facilities and skillful teachers at friendly rates.
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