CBSE Affiliation No. : #430367


Enhancing Classroom Learning through Integration of Global Affairs and Current Events

At Divya Jyot School, we firmly believe that education should extend beyond the confines of textbooks. Our mission is to prepare students not just for exams, but for life in our ever-changing, interconnected world. One of the key ways we achieve this is by seamlessly weaving global affairs and current events into every facet of our teaching.
The benefits of this approach are manifold. Firstly, it provides context to learning. Whether it’s history, science, or literature, we show our students how their subjects relate to the world today. This makes learning relatable and sparks curiosity. For instance, when studying World War II, our students also analyse its implications on contemporary international relations.
To enrich our students’ experience, we regularly invite guest speakers, experts from various fields, and diplomats to share their knowledge. These interactions provide invaluable insights and inspire our students to explore their passions. Witnessing the excitement in a young scientist’s eyes as they interact with a NASA expert is a testament to the impact of these experiences.
Moreover, this approach nurtures critical thinking. We encourage our students to analyse news articles, discuss their significance, and form their own opinions. This empowers them to become independent thinkers and informed decision-makers, essential skills for life.
Our school goes above and beyond by providing abundant resources. Our library is stocked with international newspapers, magazines, and reference materials. Our digital archive offers access to documentaries and news reports. These resources not only enhance research projects but also promote a habit of staying well-informed.


In conclusion, our commitment to integrating global affairs and current events sets us apart. We don’t just aim for academic excellence; we aim to shape well-rounded global citizens. We take pride in empowering our students to be informed, inquisitive, and compassionate individuals who will make a meaningful impact on the world. We’re not just the best CBSE school in Shilaj, Ahmedabad, we’re a beacon of holistic education, illuminating the path to a brighter future.

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