How to Develop Problem-Solving Skills in Children

Life can be defined as a sequence of events, events that will constantly test your problem-solving skills. You will enjoy life when you have excelled at solving problems effortlessly but to ensure the same you need to practise and hone these skills of yours.
And what better time to inculcate and improve on something than childhood? Our brain is at its best during this period and can consume and develop good habits easily. As parents, you need to help your child with the perfect process to look at and solve problems efficiently. Once your child’s mind starts to function in this particular way he will have a more practical approach and come to solutions easily.

1) Identifying the problem

The first step is to identify the issue, the problem. Our minds will start thinking about the solution only when the problem is crystal clear. So teach your child to accept the problem first, or say the problem loud in front of them.

2) Present possible solutions

Sit with your child and help them brainstorm all the possible solutions. Emphasise not judging a solution whether it is a silly, far-fetched solution or a simple and effective solution, tell them to consider all of them. Your motive must be only to build a habit in them on how to come up with solutions by applying their mind creatively, logically, and practically.

3) Dissect every solution

Teach your child a method of writing down the pros and the cons of every solution on paper and compare all the solutions. Marking down the positive and negative outcomes and reflecting upon them.

4) Choose a Solution

Often children and even us spend a lot of time evaluating different solutions. So, tell them to confine themselves to a limited period. After knowing the outcomes, go for the solution that their heart and mind are attracted towards as per the analysis of every solution.

5) Have a go at solving the problem confidently

Put in your child’s mind that trying is important and not worry about the outcome. If they fail they can always come back and try the other solution from the list they prepared earlier. Don’t let their fear overcome their strength to try towards solving the problem.
At Divya Jyot, a CBSE preschool in Shilaj, to sharpen children’s problem-solving skills we properly design our curriculum. We enforce playing games, reading books, telling stories, using everyday references and activities for practical application, and asking children open-ended questions. All of this helps them apply the problem-solving model or process and find solutions and solve the problem quickly over time after continuous practice.
In this indirect approach where kids are only enjoying their learning, we hone their problem-solving skills in numerous ways and shape them into finer versions of themselves. Ready to practically and logically face any kind of situation in their lives. This very intent and motive of ours make us the best preschool in Bopal Ahmedabad and the trusted one for all parents.
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