Importance of 11 & 12 in CBSE Board for Students' Bright Future

Students and parents are often caught in this dilemma of which board to opt for higher secondary studies i.e. 11th & 12th Grades. Good decisions matter a lot, especially in the longer run. If we look at ourselves, we are nothing but our decisions. Thus, for a brighter and more secure future, choosing the correct board is of great significance. The presence of many highly reputed schools with different boards and different opinions from different people makes this decision even more troublesome. However, let us delve into the basic but crucial advantages of the CBSE board compared to others for a prosperous future for children.

1) Competitive exams

Students whose ultimate ambition is to become an engineer or a doctor must go with CBSE Board with closed eyes. As there is no better option than this board in the 11th & 12th grades. The reason for the same is that to become engineers you need to get admission to reputed or good engineering colleges you must pass the JEE Main or JEE Advanced paper. While, on the other side, to become a doctor you need to enrol yourself in top medical colleges which requires clearance in the AIPMT exam.

And guess what, the CBSE body is the one that conducts these exams i.e. JEE Mains & Advanced and AIPMT exams all over India. The syllabus of these clearance exams is also very much similar to 11th & 12th cbse board grades and thus you will be able to kill two birds with one stone, without any extra effort.

2) Abroad studies

CBSE Board is highly recognised at international levels too and students who aspire to go foreign for further studies may be significantly benefited by choosing the CBSE board in 11th & 12th. In countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc CBSE board in primary & secondary education is of great relevance. Student visa exams that you’ll need to clear will seem quite easy to you because of being accustomed to such exams like listening & reading exams.

3) Holistic development

There’s no substitute for the ability or quality of being able to do anything by finding some unique way. CBSE board students are not only trained academically but personally and mentally as well. It widens the horizon of children and motivates them to try at everything without the fear of failing. CBSE board needs to be appreciated for raising evolved individuals who have grown in all aspects and are ready to face 21st-century challenges.

There is the inclusion of extra-curricular activities, events, and inter-class and inter-school competitions, in sports, music, arts, dance, & even academics. This methodology provides the right exposure to children and helps them develop all-round. At Divya Jyot, the Best CBSE school in Ahmedabad, we prioritise a wholesome approach and support children to achieve their dreams in the fields of their interest by giving proper guidance.

4) Student-friendly board

The best part of the CBSE board is that it values students more than anything. The course structure, syllabus, exam patterns, etc are designed in a manner that favors students. Children will not be burdened by studies when they are studying in a CBSE School. The books are made to be engaging and interesting and make learning a lot easier and enjoyable. It puts heavy emphasis on understanding concepts or lessons and not just mugging them up for exams and good marks. Thus, free-minded students are raised and not pressure cookers.

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