Say Goodbye to Exam Stress: Proven Tips to Relax (Pariksha Par Charcha)

“Your marks do not define you, but your talent does.” Performance pressure is the main reason behind exam stress. In the race of acquiring the best numbers, marks, etc we forget the real meaning of learning and examinations. However, with the incorporation of a few habits and practices, you can bid goodbye to exam stress.
The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has started an enriching segment called Pariksha Pe Charcha. In this segment, he talks to students, parents, and teachers across the nation and answers their questions related to stress caused by exams. On the latest, 5th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha, the PM enlightened everyone with 5 exam tips that will relieve children from stress:
1. We cannot enjoy festivals during exams but if we make exams a festival, we can enjoy them. The moment we start enjoying something, we are no more stressed about it. Exams are not as tough as much as we have made it up in our minds. If you prepare well, you will enjoy it like a festival.
2. You may have missed covering something in the syllabus but keep faith in what you have covered. This will help you overcome stress. There’s no point in panicking at the last point when you have not been able to cover a certain part of the syllabus. Instead, focus on the things that you are thorough with. This will help you stay calm and utilize what you know best.

3. Don’t let panic thrive and don’t overthink. That will only make you panic more. Know yourself and your thinking mechanism better. Find out ways that help you in crunch situations, things that will get you out of nail-biting, stressful situations. With a composed mind you will get beautiful and positive thoughts.

4. We can seek knowledge online and switch to offline to let it sink in and reflect on it. The problem with the younger generation is that after studying online, which means heavy screen time, they take a rest by playing games or on social media apps. Your mind needs time away from digital screens, out in the open air to absorb information and let the knowledge sink in.
5. Find time to dive within yourself, during this time, you will be neither online nor offline but inner line. Switching off from the fast-paced world and diving deep within you is very important to evolve as a human being and perform better in life in general.
At Divya Jyot, a CBSE school in Shilaj, Ahmedabad, we emphasise children’s mental well-being and adopt methods that help them enjoy learning and not stress about them. We teach them to not let one exam get on their nerves and believe in themselves and to keep faith in their efforts.
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