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Embark on a journey toward sporting brilliance at Divya Jyot School's State-of-the-art Sports Academy in Ahmedabad.

Our cutting-edge facilities and expert coaching are dedicated to nurturing the passion and skill of every young athlete.

Join us in this transformative expedition, where we go beyond skill development, fostering an environment where potential thrives

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In this dynamic environment, our academy serves as a launchpad for aspiring athletes, providing a comprehensive foundation that extends beyond traditional sports training. Join us in crafting champions for the future.

Welcome to Divya Jyot School's Sports Academy

Igniting Potential: The Holistic Importance of Sports in Education

At Divya Jyot School, we firmly believe in nurturing not just the academic minds but also the physical and mental well-being of our students. As the best CBSE School in Shilaj, Ahmedabad., Ahmedabad, our commitment to holistic education extends seamlessly to our state-of-the-art Sports Academy.
Sports play a pivotal role in shaping a student’s character and fostering essential life skills. Beyond the confines of classrooms, our students delve into a world of teamwork, discipline, and resilience through various sports activities, ensuring not only physical fitness but also mental well-being.



Skate into the world of adrenaline-fueled fun on our skating ball platform. Master tricks, embrace the thrill of smooth rides, and connect with fellow skaters in a vibrant community dedicated to the passion of rolling adventures.


Immerse yourself in the disciplined art of karate, , where tradition meets discipline. Elevate your skills, achieve mastery in self-defence, and embark on a journey of physical and mental empowerment in the world of martial arts.


Where every spin and smash shapes the rhythm of victory. Dive into the fast-paced world of table tennis in Divya Jyot Ports Academy. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, sharpen your reflexes and enjoy competitive matches with our dynamic table tennis experience.


It is timeless battle of wits on a checkered battlefield, where every move unfolds a strategic masterpiece. Explore the strategic realm of chess, where intellect meets skill. Engage in thrilling matches, analyze moves, and elevate your chess prowess with our interactive features.


Dribble, shoot, and slam dunk your way to victory”. An exhilarating game of skill and teamwork. Whether you're a streetball enthusiast or a seasoned player, join the excitement, showcase your skills, and experience the thrill of the game like never before.


It involves a combination of strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and grace. Unleash your potential, master intricate routines, and celebrate the beauty of movement in the dynamic world of gymnastics.

Celebrating Achievements. School's Prowess in Sports

A Legacy of Victories

Divya Jyot School takes immense pride in its rich history of sporting triumphs. Our students consistently achieve excellence at various levels, be it in domestic competitions, state championships, or even on the national stage. This extraordinary success firmly establishes Divya Jyot School as the pinnacle of sporting prowess among educational institutions, solidifying our position as the Top CBSE School in Ahmedabad.

Annual Sports Day Extravaganza

Our Annual Sports Day is more than just a celebration; it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our athletes. The day kicks off with a vibrant opening ceremony, followed by a parade that showcases the diverse sports we embrace. From thrilling relay races, high jumps, and long jumps to high-intensity shot-put competitions, 100m sprints, and challenging hurdles races, the sports day reflects the comprehensive range of athletic skills we foster. The highlight of the event is the meticulously organized competitions, culminating in a spectacular awards ceremony where we recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students across various sports.

Fueling Passion. Activities to Ignite Interest in Sports.

Comprehensive Sports Curriculum

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates sports into the daily lives of our students. Through a well-rounded approach, we ensure that every student discovers and hones their athletic talents, fostering a lifelong love for physical activity and contributing to their mental well-being.

Beyond the Field. Sports Workshops and Clinics.

To further enhance the sports experience, we regularly organise workshops and clinics conducted by renowned coaches and athletes. These sessions not only provide valuable insights but also serve as inspiration for our students to reach new heights in their chosen sports.

National Aspirations. A Note from the Director.

As the Director of Divya Jyot School, I am deeply passionate about the role sports play in the holistic development of our students. It is my fervent desire to see Divya Jyot School not only produce scholars but also nurture athletes who excel not just at the state and national levels but also on the international stage. Through our world-class facilities, dedicated coaching, and unwavering commitment, I envision our students reaching new heights in the global sports arena. Together, let us inspire and create a legacy of sporting excellence that transcends borders.