Importance Of A Good Primary School

The ‘S’ in Success stands for School. The degree of success for any child depends upon the quality of school he is in and the methods of teaching that are adopted there. A good primary school forms the bedrock of development for every child. It provides them the platform to fly high in life. Good primary education inculcates the foundational skills that prepare children for their life. The values and morals they learn at a quality primary school helps them achieve their goals and deal with the challenges of life in a better way.
An exceptional Primary school especially affiliated with a CBSE Board will enhance knowledge, improve behaviour and cognitive skills, boost confidence and make your child an independent learner. Simply, it will develop your child in all aspects. Academics is important but what is even more crucial is the balance between academic growth and personal growth of a child which is ensured in a CBSE Primary school.

Best CBSE Primary School in Ahmedabad - Divya Jyot School

Listed below are 5 reasons that makes Divya Jyot School the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad for primary education


Central Board of Secondary Education is the most acknowledged and eminent education board across India. It follows more of a conventional, practical and light approach, teaching the kids right things at the right time. With CBSE board children enjoy learning more and feel less burdened. It is also the national level education board recognised by the Indian Government and adopted by innumerable private and public schools all over the country. Hence, your child is at par with other national schools in terms of knowledge and growth. Another major benefit of CBSE Board is the relatability of its curriculum in all the competitive exams, helping you immensely in higher education and in future.



The best part about Divya Jyot School is its ambitious and hard-working management. They thrive on giving newer and better opportunities to children to grow and outshine. These include encouraging full fledged participation in inter-class, inter-school, intercity and even national and international events and competition leading to personality development.


One of the major factors that play a significant role in developing a child’s interest in learning is the atmosphere at school. A good, well-designed, and lush green campus attracts children towards school and helps them enjoy learning. Divya Jyot has a spacious and elegant campus along with multiple playgrounds, ventilated classrooms with quality sitting spaces, art, dance & music studio, open-air amphitheatre, all kinds of labs and excellent sports facilities.


As a parent you will always look into the quality of education your child gets. You aim for the best all-round growth at the amount of fees that you are paying. You do want to be assured of a promising future for your child. At Divyajyot, you need not worry about this as everyone who has studied here is doing great in their respective field of interests and has evolved as great human beings. Hence, at affordable fees you get the best results.
What makes or breaks a good school are its teachers. Divya Jyot is blessed with the best teachers who have been teaching since a long time. They understand the correct methods and techniques to follow for bringing maximum output out of children. All the teachers are highly qualified and carry vast knowledge in their respective subjects. At Divyajyot primary school in Ahmedabad, a child-centric approach is followed and all the teachers pay the right amount of attention to every child, helping them grow personally and academically in the ways best suited to every child.


Thus, good primary education can do wonders for your child. It is one of the most crucial steps to success so choose wisely, choose Divya Jyot, best primary school in Ahmedabad for your child’s prosperous future.
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